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Abdominoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the abdomen involving skin, muscle and repositions of the belly button.

This operation has had great results in patients with sagging skin, stretch marks and unwanted fat deposits in the front and lower abdomen, which usually occurs after pregnancy or losing weight.

It is important to note that any surgery that involves cutting skin will leave scars and in the case of abdominoplasty, this is one of the most representative scars. However, advanced abdominoplasty makes use of an innovative device for skin closure.

This device, used by Dr. Juan Carlos Gómez Pérez, replaces the conventional suture (intradermal) and converts it into a wound without tension.

The device is a self-adhesive polyester mesh that facilitates apposition (convergence) from the edges of the wound and matches the type of incision made by your surgeon. This mesh is about 60 cm, allowing the closure of large incisions.

The results are exceptional: It saves time in closing skin and reduces the time by 75% compared to conventional sutures which are continuous or interrupted sutures. This mesh acts as an antimicrobial barrier, which prevents a high percentage of complications with the wound.

It Requires an overnight hospital stay.
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