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Breast Reconstruction
IMG-juancarlosgomezmd-0814@.jpg   One of the toughest things which a woman can face is an amputation of one breast consequence of breast cancer, not only because in this treatment there are some risks, but also because the only solution to get rid of the breast cancer may be a to practice a Mastectomy Surgery in which the woman loses her security and self-esteem due to her new body.

Plastic Surgery today, offers several techniques for breast reconstruction and gives the woman a second chance at life and wellbeing.

There are currently two ways to proceed:

  • Rebuild the breast in the same surgery of the mastectomy.
  • Wait a reasonable time after this first procedure for a breast reconstruction.

These two options may have good and bad things that the patient must evaluate with her specialist:

  • If the patient and his health condition allows, the specialist can perform the two procedures in one surgery, the patient would not see herself brestless.  However, the result would not be quite satisfactory for the patient when she compares this new breast with her old one.

  • If the patient and her health condition allows, the masectomy can be performed first and then think of the breast reconstruction: this is where the patient has little higher degree of satisfaction because she has spent a little time living the absence of her old breast and then going  through its reconstruction, it makes her accept the change in a more realistic and peaceful way. 

The breast is of great significance for women because it is a symbol of femininity and body harmony, and this is why, this procedure is one of the most significant surgeries in the specialty of plastic surgery because of the life changing sense for the women.

The surgery lasts five hours and involves the patient's hospitalization.

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